What is Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP)?

Retinitis Pigmentosa is an eye deficiency which leads to a progressive loss of eyesight and eventual blindness. The disease is also known as “night blindness” or “tunnel vision” for the different stages in the degeneration of the eyesight. Extensive study has proven that Retinitis Pigmentosa is a hereditary deficiency. A real cure for the disease is not available but some treatments can stop the progress of the loss of sight in a temporal or definitive way.

The treatment at the International Retinitis Pigmentosa Centre C. Cienfuegos:

The objective of this unique treatment is to control the progressive deterioration of the eyesight. The treatment is most effective in the early stages of the disease.

The treatment consists of 4 parts:

  1. Revitalizing Surgery: micro-surgery on the eyeball where fat tissues of the patients eye are being replaced to the back of the eyeball with the goal of revitalizing this essential part of the eye.
  2. Ozon Therapy: to create flexibility and effectiveness in the red blood cells of the eye.
  3. Electro-stimulation: to stimulate the electro-ionic balance of the blood circulation in the eye.
  4. Administration of medicine: to stimulate the other treatments and to counter certain negative effects of them.

Scientific research on patients following the treatment has proven that the progress of the disease comes to a stop in 76 % of the cases. A small part (16 %) of the patients even showed signs of improving their visual capabilities after the treatment.

This treatment is done solely in the Camilo Cienfuegos Ophthalmological Centre which is located in Havana, Cuba. The base treatment requires 3 weeks of hospitalization. Patients from all over the world without distinction are accepted and treated at this Retinitis Pigmentosa clinic.